Commitment to Socially Responsible Investing

Financing Communities is not just our slogan, it is a responsibility that we are Spire Residential take very seriously. A new development should be more than just a group of houses. A collection of homes has the ability to truly change an area - from employment to education, recreation to retail, where a community is located and how it is developed makes a difference.

Focusing on affordable housing has been our mission since day one. Providing dependable and efficient capital to those that share our goals has ensured that developers and builders that want to address the growing housing crisis in the United States can do so with confidence.

We are proud that our builders choose to build homes that are affordable. We encourage all projects to consider a rental strategy to assist those than cannot, at this time, meet mortgage requirements but still desire the security and comfort that comes from a new home. We are honored that so many of the builders we work with are committed to providing housing to veterans, to public employees, to the selfless that help a development truly become a community.

In addition to the human element, we also look at the bigger picture. Spire Residential is committed to ensuring that our borrowers, our development partners, have the ability to develop sustainable projects, and have access to the latest environmentally friendly materials and best practices. Leveraging our platform, our connections, helps share what works (and what does not) when designing a "green" community. 

Project and house design, sourcing materials locally, providing amenities that foster a love of the surrounding natural environment, these are some of the ways our team can shape how the projects we finance align with our long term goals. Together, we can ensure that future developments truly are sustainable and healthy. Which is why, at Spire Residential, we first got into the business of financing communities.

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