Who We Are and What We Do

With over 50 years of development experience, the team at Spire Residential understands the needs of residential developers and home builders. The financing programs developed by Spire Residential provide affordable, dependable, and efficient capital in a timely manner.  

Spire Residential is currently active in the following markets:

North Carolina (Charlotte, Raleigh)
Texas (Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio)
Georgia (Atlanta)
Tennessee (Nashville, Knoxville)
Virginia (Richmond, Washington D.C.)
Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs)
Indiana (Indianapolis)
Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville)
Utah (Salt Lake City, Provo)
South Carolina (Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Greenville)
Wisconsin (Madison)
Minnesota (Minneapolis, St. Paul)

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh)
Arizona (Phoenix)
Ohio (Columbus)

Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham)

Idaho (Boise)

Ph: 7045605981

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